About Our EcoSTEM

First Welcome To EcoSTEM.

Reach Education Action Programme (REAP) has been working in the education sector since 1998. Recently, it has set up a specialized unit called STEM Learning & Research Centre (SLRC) impart Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning from an ecology perspective keeping. SLRC is working on research and innovation on STEM education keeping in view the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as the core objective.
REAP is collaborating with Xavier Institute of Engineering (XIE), Mumbai for R&D. SLRC provides a transformative educational experience, fostering curiosity and promoting experiential learning. Through hands-on projects and innovative resources, students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of STEM concepts. Our approach extends beyond the conventional classroom, emphasizing environmental sustainability and ethical STEM practices. We believe in nurturing not only the scientists and engineers of tomorrow but also the responsible stewards of our planet. SLRC equips students to become innovative problem solvers and champions of sustainability.

Our Vision

To develop new generation of learners with love and passion for science, technology and nature to solve emerging societal challenges by use of innovative learning products developed by REAP EcoSTEM Programme along with robotic applications as part of school education system.

Our Mission

Creation of future scientists and technocrats equipped with 21 st century industry knowledge and skills on science, engineering, technology and mathematics with an ecology perspective who can contribute effectively to nation building.
REAP works to equip young learners from grade-1 to access technological knowledge and skills relevant to 21 st century industry needs. EcoSTEM makes it simpler for students to understand complex concepts given in their syllabus through hands on activities and experiential learning. Children enjoy learning with fun, creativity, critical thinking, and group work; acquire problem solving skills by attempting to solve real life problems. Design thinking is the core of our STEM learning process. SLRC has designed several short and long courses to meet varied STEM learning needs of children studying in different grades.

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